Molly Grue Welcomes You Into a Neo-Punk/Ska World

Originating from Edmonton in Canada, Molly Grue aka Krista D, spoke with TheModMisfit about her upcoming projects and what she hopes to shares with her music.

She took up the name Molly Grue based on an animated movie she used to watch a lot as a kid called The Last Unicorn. “It was in the background when I was musing about returning to music and then the part came on where Molly is angry with the unicorn. I guess I just really related to that sentiment because if I were to ever happen upon any great success with music, at this point of my life and at this age, I’d likely have a very similar reaction.”

While Molly isn’t part of an official band per say, she likes to think that her music is more like an alternate medium when not working on visual art.

‘I’m mainly a visual artist so I think I would switch my focus entirely to that if I stop working on music again.”

She has a few EPs coming up with different projects she got involved with and mentioned how each of them will have a similar focus on abuse, divorce and mental illness. “If the EP’s are played in sequence, you’d probably get a “grinning and bearing it” vibe on the Krista D EP, a depressing “facing some facts” vibe from the Molly Grue EP and, well, the last EP will be just plain angry. […] It’s an emotional musical trilogy about battling through difficult situations, being resilient and finding the personal strength to not only survive, but to thrive.”

Listen to Molly Grue’s other project, Krista D, right here!

Her next project to come out will be an EP called Sanctity and Scum under Hooha and the Peter Guns.

xo, TheModMisfit.

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