New Marshmello Video Reminds Us To ‘Put Our Phones Down’

‘And spread positive energy to those around you.’ – Marshmello

In his latest video for his song ‘Check This Out’ we see the producer getting ready for a beach day packing all of the essentials and leaving his phone on his bed intentionally.

Wait what? So you tell me that it’s possible to have fun at the beach without any proofs that you were there actually? Well Marshmello believes so but as for the rest of the crowd over there, it’s a little harder to convince them about it.

Once ‘Mello gets to the beach, it’s a little different than what he expects because everyone – even the lifeguard – are on their phones. Whether they’re using their phones to take selfies or just take videos of the beach to prove they’re all having a good time, they seem to pay so much attention that they don’t realize that one dude is actually drowning!

Of course, Marshmello goes to save him and eventually everyone drops their gadget to go help out and when everyone is alright, they all start partying together and enjoying their lives without their phones.

I mean, this video is exactly why I love Marshmello. He understands the power of connection and that positive energy is so incredibly important. The message he’s sending is truly a powerful one and I’m so proud to be one of his fan.

Watch the music video below:

What do you think of the video? Do you agree with what Marshmello is suggesting and that phones are taking way over of our lives (I mean personally believe so but I would love your input on it too!)

xo, TheModMisfit.

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