My Halloween Costume: Beetlejuice

I was the ghost with the most!

That’s right folks – this year, for my favourite “holiday”, I decided to dress up as the most famous classy ghost, Beetlejuice!

Before settling down with one costume, I had no idea what I wanted to be this year. I was thinking of maybe doing some kind of vampire (just cause I wanted to wear the fangs) or maybe do a cool skull make-up and wear a cute dress.

Well nope, a few days before my Halloween celebrations, I was way too inspired after checking out Beetlejuice cosplayers’ posts on Instagram that I wanted to join in on the fun.

I went to a Party City store near me and found the suit super quickly but wasn’t too sure about it yet because that said suit was a little bit big on me while maybe I would’ve been down to really wear a genderbend Beetlejuice suit – so basically a dress. But I couldn’t find it and the suit had a discount, so I opted for the suit.

For the make up, I decided to follow a few inspirations online but in the end realized that I didn’t need that much guidance since being a ghost is messy, so there was not really a way to mess it up since the whole make up is already supposed to be messed up!

Check out below a list of the make up I used with directions:

First off, I used the White Mehron Cream Makeup all over my face as a based. I made sure to use a makeup brush to apply it for a softer look. I also left two wide circles around my eyes for the purple makeup. I first mixed Black Mehron Cream Makeup with Purple Mehron Cream Makeup to create a darker purple look around the top of my eyes as I gradually went with a paler purple towards the white area.

Then, I used a green FX liquid makeup (couldn’t find the link online for this one) mixed with a “dead flesh” colour liquid make up as well (just a softer green) and applied it all over the edges of my face and eventually would contour my face with it a little bit as well.

And that’s it! It was such an easy makeup to do and very fun to portray as well.

Check out my costume below:

What do you guys think of the costume? Let me know in the comments!

xo, TheModMisfit.

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