In A Party Full Of Slutty Angels, I Was A Classic Beetlejuice

And you would think that this only happens in movies, right?

Well nope.

You guys know, Halloween is my favourite time of the year – I just love dressing up as creepy and weird characters to celebrate this fun holiday. It’s especially a lot of fun when I’m partying with my cosplay friends since they also go all out with their costumes as well.

This year though, I spent Halloweekend in Montreal – which was fun, but a little different.

You see, usually when I go to a dressing up party, I go all out – and so does my friends (Ontario friends especially). In Montreal though, I wasn’t sure what to expect but for some reason the thought of people not dressing up as I would didn’t occur to me.

So,  anyways. I was putting my Beetlejuice makeup at my best friend’s place – and I swear, I think it was my best costumed make up I’ve ever done yet. I was so proud – I looked so creepy but in a good way. I seriously looked like Beetlejuice. Wait – I was Beetlejuice.

We eventually left my friend’s place and got to the house party. As we walked in the house, I was shocked for a bunch of reasons.

First off, the amount of people in this party was overwhelming. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people at a house party. It was exactly what you see in movies – I mean think Clueless, Project X and all these crazy party movies? Yeah, that was exactly it – in real life.

SO that was kinda cool, until the moment I realized that most people were dressed relatively as normal people/minimal costumes and slutty angels/devils/anything. So I took a look at these people while they were taking a look at me and I just felt soooo socially anxious and awkward. I was the weird girl who took Halloween too seriously.

I was Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls when her character shows up at the Halloween party as a ghost bride while Regina George is dressed up as a Playboy model.


At this particular moment, I took off my Beetlejuice vest (I still had the pants and a black tank top), went straight to the bar, opened up my bottle of wine and just tried to forget that this ever happened.

I felt soooo weird. As much as I can be confident, this was very hard for me for some reasons. I eventually would remind myself that I was dressing up as a sick ass ghost with some cool attitude and tried to repeat this as I would eventually believe in it.

I realize that the way that I was feeling wasn’t because of the people around me but because how I was receiving it – so I decided to stop caring or try to stop caring and enjoying the party. I socialized with some people but eventually it also made sense that I was just not connecting them and then decided to leave the party with my friend.

Overall, I’m super happy about the fact that I dressed up as Beetlejuice and I had a good time with my friend but it just sucked that I was so focused on what people thought of me that I couldn’t focus on having fun for a second.

Just know that if this ever happens to you, the only way that you can really deal with it is by breathing and remembering that you had the balls to put on a sick costume. That’s it! Being a confident Beetlejuice (or any creepy monster) is 100% more sexier than what would seem to be a judgmental sexy nurse.

xo, TheModMisfit.


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