The Different Themes Behind ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’

I hope you finished binge-watching Netflix’s new amazing show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina because I have and I’m about to spill some of the tea because I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!

The show came out last Friday, exactly a week ago, and I already need the second season. Since I loved the comic book and the 90’s sitcom so much, I had some pretty high expectations for the new televised take on Sabrina.

I was not let down.

The show went above and beyond the expectations that I had for it. I honestly loved every seconds of it! And of course, I really loved the amount of awareness they created for some important issues/themes.

WICCA & Rebellion Against Patriarchy

Whether it’s advocating for women’s rights or for not joining the men dominated church of night, it is clear that the character of Sabrina is a young proud feminist. In the first few episodes of the shows, the young girl learns that her friend Suzy is being bullied by four guys from the football team who want proof that she is “a girl”. Sabrina is terribly mad and goes to the principal who simply suggest that Suzy changes schools. Shocked by this response, not only does she uses magic to get her principal out of the school for a few days but also creates a club for young women to discuss issues and create solutions to stop the bullying in the school. The name? WICCA, short for Women’s Intersectional Cultural and Creative Association.

maxresdefault (7)

In addition to these patriarchal problems in her mortal world, Sabrina also takes a stands within the church of night by not going along with her dark baptism and therefore rejecting Satan. When joining the church of night, the witch or warlock has to give themselves up completely to the dark lord, and therefore not have any do or say in exchange for powers. It doesn’t sound that bad but when you think about it, you are giving away your freedom to have some limited powers given by a ‘male figure’ that controls you completely. Sabrina knows it’s not right and because of that, she refuses to go ahead with it.

The Importance of Free Will

Sabrina has to choose whether or not she should join the church of night or stay out of it become a mortal. She loves her family and the power that comes along with being a witch but she also loves her mortal friends and boyfriend. Everyone though is trying to make that choice for her (even when we don’t realize it). By depending on Sabrina to create a safe space club, Roz, Lucy and Harvey put a huge responsibility on her shoulders and even she doesn’t realize it, make her feel bad about following her footsteps as a witch.

On the other hand though, her aunts (especially Hilda) do not even give her one tiny bit of choice. From secretly signing Sabrina’s name in both church of night and church of light and asking the dark priest to basically convince her to do the dark baptism, Sabrina is being pushed from each side of her life telling her what they want her to do/what they believe she should do instead of what she truly wants – be a part of both worlds.

She eventually refuses to join the church of night and through the first season Sabrina is allowed and succeeds at being a half witch/ half mortal. The fact that she was able to juggle between two very important worlds shows the maturity of the character but also the reality that it is possible to have a choice in your life.

Sabrina about to go through her Dark Baptism

I don’t know for you but sometimes I feel also that I have to choose what defines me. But what defines me shouldn’t be me deciding what part of my culture I want to accentuate but it should be how do I join both cultures that I’m part of and as a result, become a completely unique human being?

Free will is crucial in life, especially when the choice is about do you define yourself in life.


It might not be apparent at first, but so many characters on the show are being constantly bullied. From Lucy being bullied by the boys, to Hilda being bullied by her Zelda and finally Sabrina being cursed or manipulated, the shows keeps on throwing issues of bullying to us and makes us understand how terrible it is to live in a world with bullying.


Bullying exists in both the dark world and the mortal realm, which suggests the idea that no matter where you go in life, you will have some bullies over you or some annoying things thrown at you – the important lesson there is getting to understand what you’re gonna do to bring an end to it.

There are some other themes that I would like to discuss about that appeared on the show but I will be saving them for another blog post. I would like to think what did you guys enjoy from the show and what themes were obvious to you.

Drop a comment below if you enjoyed the show and tell me what was your favourite theme in it.

xo, TheModMisfit.


2 thoughts on “The Different Themes Behind ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’”

  1. So very cool to see a serious analysis of what , on the face of it, isn’t. I am now interested in watching the show!
    Thank you, Nelly!!


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