[Creative Writing] What Is Passion?

What is passion.

A question that literally burns my heart whenever I think of it.

I’m not quite sure what passion is – but I know why it’s here.

Passion is here to drive us. It’s here to guide us.

It’s this little voice inside our head begging us to follow it – which will possibly make us the happiest on this planet.

Passion inflames your heart and open up your eyes – not with pain nor with anger – but with wonder.

When passion takes through, you wonder what can happen from it. Will this passion take control over me and burn me while it can or will I take the reign and decide how to fuel the passion.

What if I control this feeling? Is it possible? Am I allowed to control my passion? Or do I just let it consume me until it disappears and I’m left with the what if?

Well, I believe that we are more than allowed to take control over our passion and transform our lives into what it was meant to be since the beginning – ours.

Controlling and understanding my passion makes me happy – understanding what I love makes me ecstatic.

Doing what I love  – what I’m passionate about every day – brings tears to my eyes every day because I’m so in awe of it.

Passion is pure love – it’s engraved into our souls and we’re the only ones that can have control over our passion.

Don’t let your passion consume you – consume your passion. 

xo, TheModMisfit.

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