Netflix Is Releasing Another Pageant Inspired Story Called ‘Dumplin’

Move along, Insatiable, and make place for Dumplin’.

I’m not sure why but Netflix seems to be obsessed with pageants. I mean, it’s totally cool as in it’s introducing bunch of us normis into a completely different world that we get to discover for the first time.

Over the summer, in case you don’t remember, Netflix released Insatiable, a show about a fat girl who becomes thin and gets into pageants. It’s much more than that (and it’s actually really good when you pay attention to it) but overall, this is what people see Insatiable as.  Indeed, the audience didn’t understand the whole message and only saw the flaws in it – they accused Netflix and the show that they were suggesting the idea that if you want to be in a pageant, you need to lose weight. Again, I know that the movie is much more than that but for this particular blog post, I have to stick with the mainstream opinion (will definitely share my opinion in another blog post).

So anyways, as I was saying, Netflix is releasing another pageant inspired movie, starring Jennifer Aniston and Danielle Macdonald. The story is about a plus-sized teenage girl named Willowdean (Macdonald) and her mother (Aniston), who’s a former beauty queen and now runs the local Miss Teen Blue Bonnet pageant. Living in a small Texas town, Willowdean ignores all the comments about her weight finding confidence into Dolly Parton’s songs. She eventually decides to enter her mother’s pageant as a form of protest which will actually redefine the town’s traditions when it comes to pageants as other plus-size girls decide to follow her footsteps.

Watch the trailer below:

What I really like about this new story is that instead of having to change her body image, the main character makes a change into old-minded people when it comes to what “beauty’ means. She might be different and not accepted but she is willing to make an effort to show that even if she has a different shape, it doesn’t mean she shouldn’t participate for a beauty pageant.

I am very excited to see this movie and can’t wait to write more about it. I love that Netflix pushes the boundaries and actually opens up different conversations on issues that are important in our society and need a change.

Dumplin’ will be released in mid-December.

xo, TheModMisfit. 

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