‘The Greatest Showman’ Has A Reimagined Version For This Reason

I remember as if it was yesterday when I went to the movie theater to watch ‘The Greatest Showman’, and let me tell you how magical this one was! Filled with beautiful music, inspiring acting and dreams coming true, ‘The Greatest Showman’ made me cry like no other movies of this genre did before. Everything about it was beautiful!

Since it was a pretty direct story, there wasn’t really any place for a second chapter for it – but somehow, the movie came back into the spotlight a few weeks ago. Artists like Panic! At The Disco, Kelly Clarkson, Pentatonix and more jumped into a project that Atlantic Records’ president, Kevin Weaver, had for a follow up on the movie.

“Last January or February, when we were doing 100,000 albums a week in the U.S. and it was number one in most of the territories of the world, I had a light bulb moment. We really realized we had something at the scale of what this was becoming, and we were quickly like, all right, do we want to do a deluxe version of the album for Mother’s Day? What would that look like? Do we want to take the original cast album and add a couple covers to it, or add some additional demos? But it felt like it warranted something much more significant and robust. Then you had people like Pink and Selena Gomez and other artists who were on social media posting themselves dancing to and singing the songs. And that was part of kind of what went into my epiphany that we have something that’s not only connecting with the masses, but it’s connecting with artists.” – Kevin Weaver

I find it interesting how he noticed the fact that popular singers were also affected by this movie. I feel like this shows how we, as human beings, can all connect with one particular movie or song, despite where we come from or who we are. A beautiful soundtrack will hit most people – and something as pure and emotional as The Greatest Showman’s soundtrack definitely has the right to be revisited by artists who feel emotionally connected – because, at the end of the day, these popular artists started making music because of their passion for it, right?

The latest music video being released for “The Greatest Showman: Reimagined” is by Anne-Marie and James Arthur covering Rewrite The Stars.

What did you think of The Greatest Showman? Do you like the reimagined version? Let me know in the comments!

xo, TheModMisfit.

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