[Creative Writing] Letter To My Heart

Dear heart, I can feel you aching. I can feel you hurting…

You are mad, you don’t understand what you did wrong. Your feelings and best intentions were there.

I could’ve saved you multiple times but I failed you this year. I should’ve been more cautious with my choices but I was so tempted at the idea of falling in love again.

I didn’t realize there would be greater consequences than just a little deception.


I gave my trust to love so easily – I wanted so much to find someone to complete me and be my partner in crime. 

Only when I should’ve realized that the only real person completing me was myself and that I had to harvest more love from within.

I am sorry I disappointed you and that I’ve been hurrying this past year. But I’m also glad I did because I truly believe we grow so much together.

xo, TheModMisfit.

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