Makeup VS No-Makeup

I love makeup, it’s no secret – I think I post about it quite often on the blog actually. I truly believe that wearing makeup is one of the most efficient way to express yourself. Whether it’s putting on fun eye colors, contouring your face or have a different lipstick color everyday – makeup is a way to enhance your mood daily.

Unfortunately, makeup can also have negative effects on us. Makeup and beauty products companies constantly harass us telling us to buy their stuff and convincing us that we will be prettier with it.

On the other hand, there are so many campaign telling us that “less is beautiful” which honestly makes me feel like I do something wrong when I’m wearing makeup.

For some, the second option makes more sense – because we have to learn to love our own natural face before loving it with makeup with it. That’s something I strongly believe in.

But, I shouldn’t feel bad for wearing makeup if I enjoy it as much as I enjoy being without it, right?

I love makeup and trying out different colours but over the years I’ve grown to love my natural look as well.

So below is a pic of me where I’m wearing two of my favourite looks – half of my face has no makeup on while the other is showing an eyewinged makeup that I’m quite proud of.


Do what makes you happy- if wearing lots of makeup makes you feel good, DO IT! If you absolutely have no interest in it, good! You’re saving a shit ton of money!

xo, TheModMisfit.

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