[Makeup] Blackheart’s Matte Liquid Lipstick Case Review

Well, here I am again with yet another makeup ‘review’.

I put the word review like that because honestly I’m not expert when it comes to makeup – I’m just a girl who enjoys putting some colours on her face and wants to share her thoughts with the rest of the world.

I got this little lipstick case at Hot Topic, I mean – where else could I find something this gothic and basic at the same time? (Gothic because of the black and dark maroon colours and basic because of the peachy and light ‘Kylie Jenner inspired’ basic brown.)

So anyways, I decided to get it because I wanna expand my makeup colour collection with any makeup products that won’t destroy my wallet. So, that Blackheart collection was the perfect finding for me.

Check out the different colours on me below:


I’m pretty sure the colour that suits my face better is the one featured on the first picture. I actually really enjoy the texture of the lipstick even though the colour doesn’t stay that long.. Oh well, you get what you pay for, right?

Have you guys tried out these lipsticks yet? Let me know what you think!

xo, TheModMisfit.

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