My Time At The Toronto Christmas Market

As a young woman raised in a Jewish community, I never was fully introduced to any Christmas celebrations – or any other holiday celebrations for that matter other than Jewish ones.

However, that changed since I made the move to Ontario. You see, where I was from in Montreal, it was a pretty closed up Sephardic community so we never fully immersed with the Christian/Catholic, Muslim or any other religion’s communities.

Now that I’m leaving full-time in Toronto/Port Credit, I’ve been more open to celebrate other things than Jewish celebrations. For example, this year I finally experienced Thanksgiving! I know it’s not necessarily a religious holiday but it’s something that as a Jew I never got to experience.

This past weekend, I went for my second edition of the infamous Toronto Christmas Market. Open until Christmas eve, the market offers a vast selection of gifts to offer for Christmas. It also has many restaurants and food stands – including some Christmas delicatessens.

My friend Anouck, who was travelling from Montreal to spend the weekend with me, came along to check out the market – and we had a blast even though the rain was flooding the perimeters, which actually didn’t stop the other Torontonians and tourists to come check out the market.

All around us were beautiful walls of lights!

We walked around the gift shops, stopped for some delicious food, checked out some very cool art galleries and eventually took a photo with Santa Claus! Tbh, I was the one who really wanted a photo with the Christmas pops – I’m not too sure why.. Maybe a mix of wanting some Instagram content as well with having a funny memory of that great day!

I really enjoyed the Christmas market – the mix of smells in the air was fantastic and the lights all around us were so mesmerizing!

Have you been to a Christmas market yet? What was your experience like?

xo, TheModMisfit.

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