The Most Important Reasons Why Joey Tribbiani Is The Perfect Guy On ‘Friends”

Other than Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there’s really a few TV shows that I actually re-watched – but Friends was one of them. The sitcom is hilarious and is timeless – meaning that if I would to watch it when I hit my 60s, it will still be funny.

I never had a favourite character on the show – I think all of them were pretty amazing and were perfect for their role in the friendship group. Although, even if they were good at being friends, some of them were pretty bad at dating. Some were more obvious than others, but I feel like one character in particular was always being made fun of for his dating techniques, when really he was the perfect man.

Joey Tribbiani.

I mean, it’s not very surprising – after exploring the web I did read many articles on why the character portrayed by Matt Leblanc is the most loved one from the show. So anyways, here’s why I believe Joey is the man I would bring back home – 100%.

He puts himself in other people’s shoes


If you thought Joey was selfish, well you were wrong. He will put himself in your shoes just to find a way to cheer you up. He will love you enough to even make a fool of himself just for the sake of making you feel better.

He knows the kind of respect he deserves


He doesn’t need negativity into his house and he knows what kind of respect he deserves when letting other people in his home. He understands that his place is a safe space and he doesn’t want any one to make him feel bad. The good news in there is that if you would be living with him, it would also be a safe space for you!

He loves his curves and most likely will love yours!


Body positivity – am I right ladies? We love a man who embraces his curves and will most definitely will be embracing yours!

He respect his own boundaries


He respects his own rules and is not afraid to let other people know about them.

He will do whatever it takes to save one his friends


I mean, wouldn’t you? He will literally save your life – DATE THE MAN!

He comes up with quick solutions instead of relying on others


I most likely would definitely do that as well.. He had a problem and he came up with a quick way to resolve it! He is the handy man you’ve been waiting for your whole life.

He can definitely be flirty


It’s a classic! I would definitely melt if he’d come up to me with that phrase.

He’s a man of simple pleasures!


I mean, don’t we all? He knows what he wants and is open about it!

Joey’s character is most likely the funniest from the show – and he’s the most thoughtful one as well. He’s real and is true to himself all while respecting his surroundings.

Who was your favourite Friends character? Let me know in the comments!

xo, TheModMisfit.

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