Here’s How The Rock Reacted When His Gym Coach Told Him To Eat More Carbs

Ok, who’s this trainer and how can I find him?!

Actor and future president (#2020) Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson posted his hilarious response to his ‘strength and conditioning coach’ aka gym trainer on Instagram after he asked ‘DJ’ to add more carbs into his diet.

First off – WHAT?! More carbs? Isn’t that usually a no go when you think of dieting? Well, nope! Not for The Rock. Check out the picture below to see what kind of food he ingests to look the way he does.

Honestly, if I would to eat this pizza all by myself (and I could with my friends’ support) I would look like him except all the muscles would look just be fat.

Also, not a big fan of pineapple on the pizza but we love a man who owns up to his funny taste!

xo, TheModMisfit. 

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