Where Have I Been In The Last Week?

It’s honestly hard to jump back into blog writing when you take a week hiatus. However, the reason I took that hiatus wasn’t because of laziness or anything like that.

I first decided to take off a few days off the blog to really concentrate my time for a school paper which took quite a bit of effort. I finished my assignment on Friday – and it felt amazing.

It could’ve been even better if I wouldn’t have a stupid accident on Thursday night.

What happened – you may wonder? Well, in case you didn’t know (or that you haven’t read most of my blog posts on Israel or Judaism) I’m Jewish. This means that instead of celebrating Christmas, I celebrate Hannukah. (Btw, is it Hannukah, Hanukkah, Hanukah or Chanukah?! This honestly drives me crazy!). 

So on Thursday I was hosting a little Hannukah supper with my family and I was super excited for that night because it was going to be the first time that I would attempt to make Moroccan donuts – sfenj. These donuts are just basically deep fried and then you dip them into honey and it’s delicious. Which is why I wanted to make some!

I had prepare the dough, had the amount of oil necessary, made sure to have enough honey and sugar – I was ready!

After supper, I started to heat up the oil so that I could make the donuts. The first batch were really fantastic. I was doing the donuts just well and they were starting to look golden, just how they should be. I eventually put my last one in the pan and within just a few seconds, it popped which made the oil splash on my face and burning some of my skin.

Let me tell you, when this happened, nothing really made sense from then on. I remember closing my eyes right away, screaming a bit and just saying out “it burns – I’m so sorry guys!!” while my cousin’s fiancée rushed to me to ask if I could see. ‘Of course I can!” I replied. Thinking of my answer now – I would’ve probably switched it to ‘Yes thankfully I can” because one of the spots that was hit on my face was super close to my left eye.

My family members were okay, Sarah was the only other one to be burned on the arm. She took me to the bathroom and told me to put a wet cloth on my face to ease up the burn. Ughhh it was just so painful to feel and to look at. My face was sooo red, just like if I just received a sunburn.

It was almost hard to breathe because my skin was so hot and I was so stressed as well – but Sarah (who’s a kick ass nurse btw) told me I didn’t need to go to the hospital because this was just a first degree burn.

Since that happened, it’s been a roller coaster of emotions in my mind. On one hand, I am aware of the lessons that I’m learning from that incident – be careful around oil and that you never know how fast your life can change due to these types of incidents. Unfortunately, I’m also having trouble putting away the fact that I’m not feeling particularly pretty right now. I know, it’s not the most important thing to be aware of especially knowing that I still have my eyesight thankfully, but I do like my face – so seeing me in the mirror looking similar but with red spots on my face was very hard to handle.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-07 at 11.51.36 AM

Nonetheless though, I am very grateful with the fact that my family was super caring and making sure I was fine (I mean it’s obvious they would do that but you know, I’m just grateful for my family in general).

As much as my face did hurt and so did my art (got some pretty intense spots on there) it’s currently healing and hurting less than the day before.

So because of that incident, it was hard to find motivation to work and to stay focused. Actually, I almost spent all day trying to write that damn post because of the headaches I’ve been getting and the irritations on my face as well.

This week was pretty tough, probably the toughest of this month that’s a given – but not of the year. We can keep this for another post.

Anyways, I hope that you didn’t miss too much – well in any case, you’ll be seeing plenty of me in the next few days/weeks.

xo, TheModMisfit. 

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