Watching ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Was A Soul Discovering Experience For Me

I’ve always found it fascinating how movies and music speak to us – help us and guide us finding our way when we are lost. Even when we don’t realize that we are lost, there’s always one little things in these entertainment productions that will spark up a little emotion inside us that we thought wasn’t there anymore.

Well, that’s how I felt with watching the fantastic Freddie Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody. The movie has been out for a while now, almost for over a month if I’m not mistaking, but whenever I wanted to see it there was always something in the way.

As you’ve read in my last post, I’ve been feeling a little down mentally after my accident but overall, honestly, I’ve been feeling a bit lost in the sense of honesty. As honest as I am becoming with my creative side, my passion and my curiosity to finding myself, I still find that there’s been some lacking in the process – especially after the incident.

As much as I love writing, I realized how much I missed singing. It’s something I’ve loved doing my whole life but that I unfortunately keep putting away because of the scare of not being good enough. I think in general, this passion of singing and performing has transformed into a passion of sharing my creativity any ways possible – whether it’s through writing, cosplaying, sharing my makeup or anything in that sorts, I’ve been really trying to accept this part of me.

Anyways, yesterday night I eventually decided to just go see the movie that’s been calling me for a few weeks now. I knew that it was going to be very emotional for me since I’ve been a fan of Queen since I’ve been 14 years old. So I went to the movies, alone because that’s what I enjoy doing, and boy oh boy what an experience this was.

I sat really comfortably in one of the audience chairs, putting my feet on another chair (I mean there was no one around) and fully ready to become an emotional wreck.

And oh I was!

Watching this movie overall was an amazing experience. Understanding the birth of one of the best Rock band on the planet through a different eye was really breathtaking. One line in the movie that really stuck by me was “we are just misfits playing for other misfits” – that’s true. Misfits being there for each other.  This line broke me down knowing that this is exactly what I wanna do through my writing and creativity.

Besides this, the obvious component of the movie that really inspired me completely was Freddie Mercury (brilliantly portrayed by actor Rami Malek).  It became clear as crystal yesterday that Mercury is the person I should look up to. Not necessarily for the voice aspect of my creativity but more about the way he was never scared of being himself once he was on the path. He was just completely honest with who he was and wanted to inspire people through his costumes, makeup, dances, lyrics – just anything he could do to express himself, he would. With no hold backs. Well anyways, this is what I took from the movie. Maybe it’s the way they portrayed him in the movie – but oh wow… What a character. What a person. WHAT A SOUL! I know one thing for sure, I will be reading anything I can about him to understand more of him.

I am just overall very happy with the idea that I finally found a creative inspiration.. In a way, I believe he was always there around me but I never realized it really until now.

Who inspires you? Let me know in the comments!

xo, TheModMisfit.

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