#SundayFunday? More Like #SundayLazyDay

So you woke up this morning, and it’s Sunday. Now, we all know how Sundays can feel – tiring, overwhelming and sometimes, depressing. 

It’s true – knowing that it’s Sunday and the next day is the one that you’re starting your work week again can be mentally challenging. You wanna do so much but in the end you’re so tired from all the work you did during the week and the fun you had during the weekend that you don’t necessarily end up doing what you really wanted to do. And that’s okay because that’s what most people do/feel on that resting day. There’s no shame in not having a crazy heavily packed activities schedule on Sunday – sometimes, you just wanna chill and relax!

So, how exactly do you do that without feeling terribly bad?

Well, luckily for you – I have some suggestions that might help you go through this #SundayLazyDay and stay dedicated in staying in all day to be the most productively lazy version of yourself.

Wake Up

As simple as it sounds, waking up on a Sunday is extremely hard – for so many different reasons. First one – and most obvious one – you went out last night and even if you haven’t necessarily got drunk, you still got back home at 3 AM, because you know that you have the whole morning to sleep in – which is something you haven’t done in a while. So just waking up on a Sunday and getting out of bed is impressive.

*Also I don’t know for you guys but right now it’s pretty cold outside so the idea of getting out of bed and freezing sounds terrifying to me.

Have Breakfast – Why Not Pancakes?

So I’m using my morning for this example. You see, this morning I slept until 11 AM, which I never do anymore. My idea of sleeping in is staying in bed til 9:30 AM and even that is late. Anyways, I woke up this morning to a text from my roommate saying that she wanted some pancakes. First, the thought of getting out of bed and getting ready to go to a breakfast restaurant was frightening, so I simply told her I would make some. You see, in this way I get to eat also, not spend any money and I do something productive that wakes up my brain.

*I know I mentioned pancakes but I have to admit that right after making these pancakes, I literally fell asleep on the couch because of the amount of sugar I’m not used to eat daily… So, maybe go where I went wrong and add some fruits and drink some water/coffee to go along with that breakfast!

Catch Up With Your Favourite TV Show

I don’t know about you but I barely watch some of my favourite shows, for example – Supergirl. I love this show so much but I have no time to watch it – well, I don’t make time for it. But why not catch up with something that makes you feel happy on a lazy day and see what your fave superhero is up to, eh?

*I don’t suggest watching a movie because you might be falling asleep to it if you’re like me. Cause that’s what I did, I fell asleep because of the pancakes AND Love, Actually – I know.. I can’t believe I fell asleep even though Hugh Grant was on the screen.. SHAME!!!

Watch A Sports Game

Tbh, I’ve never voluntarily put on a game but that’s something that people do on Sundays and they seem to feel pretty happy about it. Having something to look forward to on your small screen seems to have positive effects on your day, so hey – why not?

Go For A Walk

It may be a five minute walk, a 20 minute one or even longer or shorter but going outside and just enjoying the fresh air will help you feel better on that lazy day AND also you did some exercise. Productive lazy Sunday? Possible!!

Call Your Family & Friends And Catch Up

We always say that we don’t have time to call someone or see how they’re doing but if you don’t make time for it then obviously you won’t have that time. So why not set an hour or two to call some of your best friends and family members you haven’t talked to in a while and just say hi?

SOOOO this post obviously started more as a funny one but as I went along with it, I realized that it’s totally fine to just chill on a Sunday and take time for yourself. There’s many more ideas that are coming to my mind right now but, let’s start with this for now!

What do you do on your Sunday usually? Is it more of a fun one or a lazy one?

xo, TheModMisfit.

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