About Colleen ‘Miranda Sings’ Ballinger Vlogging Her Son’s Birth And More

In case you somehow don’t know who Colleen Ballinger is – she is one of the most successful YouTuber. With over three channels, including one which is all about her alias self ‘Miranda Sings’, Ballinger dominates YouTube. All her videos usually hit the million views and she’s genuinely a funny and loving person.

In the last year, following the announcement of her pregnancy, Ballinger has been vlogging everything related to this part of her life – including the actual birth.

It’s not very surprising since she has been giving out every details about it over the last few months but there’s something that kinda makes me feel weird about this whole thing.

Even though I have watched the video of the birth and other videos, I cannot help but feel a little annoyed and disappointed with how fast she produced all this content. Honestly, the idea of just meeting your son and vlogging about it right away makes me wonder why rush to produce it. I’m totally for taking videos of it and I understand her idea of posting it online but I don’t understand the rush to do so.

Don’t get me wrong, I have watched the video and even cried while watching it. It was beautifully produced and put together and all the emotions were very well shared to the public. She fully showed the baby coming out of her still attached to the umbilical cord. Not only was it an emotional video to watch but it was a very educational one as well! I’ve never seen someone giving birth now that I think of it and really see the baby coming out of the vagina. Like, she filmed the baby right when he came out – he wasn’t cleaned up, nothing. Just plain, natural, real giving birth moment.

So, seriously, all the props to her for doing so and teaching us something about life. Literally!

But, I’m still kinda annoyed about the idea of posting everything right away – it’s almost malicious. I truly wonder what her husband or family thinks but then again, who cares! 

Not only is she happy (or I hope she is) but she’s a kick ass human being who literally pushed a baby out of her body pretty fast according to the video. I think that yeah, there might be some improvement to do around the rush of posting this video but nonetheless, she’s a caring person who just wanted to share this special moment with the people who helped making her life, her life.

If you want to, check out the video below:

I’m really curious to know what you guys thought of the video. Honestly, I didn’t think that I would write such a positive post about this video – I surprised myself even!

xo, TheModMisfit.


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