Listen to Scott Helman’s ‘Hang Ups’

I only discovered this song maybe a few weeks ago yet it got released on YouTube back in October.

Directed by Ben Knetchel, the Torontonian artist Scott Helman’s ‘Hang Ups’ sings about how sometimes a person will want to start a conversation but the conversation goes another way when they start it.

I got a bad connection

Between my mind and my mouth

With the right intentions

All the wrong came out

He explores with his lyrics how even though he has the right intentions and the right feelings that he wants to share with a special someone, he has a hard time to express himself.

I feel like this is something we all can relate to. Sometimes you have an idea of how you want a discussion to go like but somehow you panic and then something else comes out. Even though he covers the lyrics with a catchy tune, the words are pretty meaningful.

I also felt like this part of the chorus had a lot of impact on me:

Everybody got they’re crazy

And I got, I got a little more

I’m just saying don’t give up

Maybe the word crazy isn’t the right one necessarily but we all do have our weird tendencies and sometimes people have a harder time to express their emotions that others.

Listen to the song below:

Even the video demonstrates a part of Helman’s mind where he think he has everything figured out but when he tries to walk, it’s hard for him to keep a balance and he easily loses himself in his mind.

What do you think of the video? Let me know in the comments!

xo, TheModMisfit.

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