How To Get Through The Holidays When You’re Single (Like Me)

I’m writing this with a glass of wine because that’s what you do on Christmas when you’re Jewish and single af. 

Of course, I’m writing this with a lot of joking around so don’t take everything too seriously. Just wanna share some laughters with you all who might be going through a hard time if you don’t feel comfortable being single during the holidays.

So it’s something that has come to my mind more than the last few years but apparently, there’s a stigma around being single during Christmas time. I’ve never really felt it until last year to be honest, which actually was my second year in a row of being single during the holidays. *When I say holidays I include New Years celebrations along with it*

Anyhow, I’ve been single for a while and literally have become a pro to it. I would love to be in a relationship with someone but so far, my romantic luck hasn’t really come up. Am I sad about it? Not at all! I’ve found ways to cope with being by myself through thorough research on my self and learning to love myself. I’ve come up with a few ideas for you guys who are having a hard time being single during the holidays so – grab a glass of wine or spark a lil’ joint, whatever floats your boat – and enjoy the reading.

Turn on YouTube & Turn On Your Favourite Playlist

I personally have been loving Kygo mixes on YouTube, turning them on and just dancing in my apartment on my own and enjoying my own company. I feel like when I do this, I realize that I don’t need anybody else to dance with necessarily to have a good time, just like I don’t need someone during the holidays to be happy.

Dancing is such a fun time and it release endorphins, which are brain chemicals that promote satisfaction, euphoria and high pain tolerance. It basically makes you happier! I mean, how many times do you go to a club or a concert to listen to your favourite music and come out of it just fueled with happiness? Well, you can do the same thing in your living room which will make the whole “pain” of being single go away.

Go For A Walk

Yep! That’s something that I actually did today. I went for a small hour walk around my neighborhood for some last minute X-Mas shopping and actually talked with the locals. I got to meet some pretty awesome people including this lovely local shop owner Lydia.

Getting to meet new people make you forget about the “lack of people” you think you might have. You don’t need one special someone to make you constantly happy – just exchanging with another human a few words with make you feel good about yourself and about humanity in general if we wanna go that far. I loved my experience today and I just love talking with strangers and people that I feel with just increase my daily levels of happiness.

Cook For Yourself

I know it might be a bit weird and annoying to cook for yourself but sometimes just making your favourite meal and cranking up some tunes is the best therapy to a lonesome heart. In my opinion, cooking is a sign of love and by cooking for yourself, well you show yourself some love – isn’t this neat?!

Also, why not pour yourself a glass of your favourite drink – alcoholic or non alcoholic! Just something that you enjoy and that won’t ruin your mood.

Take Some Time To Journal Your Emotions

So I started journaling more regularly in the last 2-3 weeks and I really enjoy it. Now, the type of journaling I’m doing is just channeling my emotions and putting them out there on a word page (I was gonna write on a piece of paper but yeah let’s not kid ourselves). Everyday I will write how my previous day went, how I’m feeling at this particular writing moment and finally I will write about my dreams if I do remember them.

Now when it comes to journaling and relationships, I actually wrote a little journal on the guys that I had a big impact on me in my life – there are maybe 2-3 lol. I wrote what I loved/still appreciate about them and what I really dislike/why it didn’t work. This actually has been helping me to stop overthinking about previous failed relationships and it helps me also processing what I’ve learned from these relationships and how I would like my future ones to resemble like.

Watch A Movie

AND YES! YOU CAN TOTALLY WATCH A ROMANTIC MOVIE! Originally, I was gonna write that you should just stick to watching funny movies but you know what? Not watching a romantic movie would actually go against what I’m trying to convey through my writing right now. With this post, I wanna tell you that it’s okay to be single and to feel it – running away from it will just hurt you later on. Don’t pretend that you’re sad to be single if you are sad about it – but just understand why you’re feeling that way and work with it. If watching a romantic movie will help you, go with it! Personally, I will probably watch a Christmas special of something but to each their own!

Turn On A Candle & Create Something Artistic

Right after sharing this blog post, I’m gonna turn on my vanilla scented candle and do some singing. I love to sing and it helps me channels and express my emotions. I personally recommend to do so, or simply to draw a little doodle. If you prefer, you can also just read something. Anything that will make your brain learn or do something fun is highly recommended BY ME. 

So that’s about it. That’s how I go with being single in general. Over the years, I’ve learned to love myself even more that before and being by myself and creating is really amazing. I do believe that there’s someone out there for me but right now, I’m the only person that I need.

On that note, enjoy your holiday time with your loved ones!

xo, TheModMisfit.


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