Yep, that’s right – I’m not kidding at all!

I decided to jump back on the YouTube train. After juggling through so many ideas of how to get my message across faster or how to entertain more people, I just realized that I had a good plan a year and a half ago that I kinda dropped because of not enough dedication to my YouTube channel.

When I first started the channel, back in May 2017 – I was so full of hope, sure that I would blow up everywhere and because a famous YouTuber by the end of the summer… Yeah, that did not happen.

Instead, I went through a deep down and was just quite depressed to be honest. I eventually started my blog which actually taught me patience when it comes to creating content. Everything takes time and it’s okay to fail at first – you just gonna know how to work around that and how to come back stronger.

So, this is the why I decided to start creating content again on YouTube. I have started to work on a schedule that will allow me to create video and writing content for you guys, and for myself as well!

Watch the video below:

Please let me know what you think of it – remember, it’s my first time jumping back at it after a good chunk of months. I hope you will enjoy it!

xo, TheModMisfit.


  1. Shoot for the moon and land amongst the stars. Nelly. I challenge those of you who have been reading, like me, and leaving Nelly in a vacuum. Let’s do this back and forth thing!


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