Netflix Brings A Broken Up Couple Back Together

And surprise, surprise, I totally related to the breaking up part.

Hello, hello – I feel like I will either write about something related to Netflix or relationships. Well, today, I’m writing about both – aren’t you guys lucky?

So, Netflix just released ‘Breaking Up: A Netflix Story’ – which is basically a short 3 minute film following a couple’s break up and how the streaming service helped them come back together. *According to the YouTube description, the story is based on a Netflix employee’s real story on how Netflix saved his couple.

In the video, we see the couple breaking up followed by the guy going back to the couch and turning on Netflix. Automatically, he gets sad because he sees his ex’s profile and wants to delete it but can’t – he doesn’t feel like doing it yet since he’s still affected by the break up obviously and also thinks about their good moments together when they would also watch movies or TV shows together. He then goes around his condo and everything pretty much reminds him of her. He eventually goes back on his couch and opens up Netflix. He goes on his profile and edits it to ‘I miss you’ – which indicates him sending a very original ‘Let’s get back together’ type of message to his ex. And guess what? A few moments later he goes back on Netflix and she also changed her profile’s name to ‘I miss you too.’


Watch the video below for context before continuing the reading:

So, why am I able to relate to this video and why I believe we all can relate to it?

Well, personally – I remember the time that I broke up with my ex – he told me I could still use his Netflix profile in exchange to him getting my Chromecast. Sounds like a pretty decent deal right? I get to use Netflix for free and he gets my Chromecast and can stream from his phone or whatever to his TV.


Ugh, can’t believe I was so naive. Why? Because every time I would go on Netflix I would see his profile. And this lasted for a few months until I realized how stupid this was. Sure, we broke up in a ‘friendly’ way but not really since we stopped talking after – WHICH MAKES SENSE – yet I still had his Netflix account.

And this didn’t make sense.

It actually was sooooo unhealthy for us to keep each other in our Netflix loop because I would always think of him whenever I would log in, just like how the guy in the Netflix video felt. I would remember our good times and start being sad about our breakup, when in reality – our breakup was super important for each other’s growth.

So, yeah, this Netflix little video definitely stirred some emotions in me but it’s cool to revisit them sometimes – EXCEPT DURING THE HOLIDAYS! Gosh, Netflix – why couldn’t release this during, I don’t know… May? Seems like a pretty chill and random enough time to do so.

Anyways, please let me know in the comments how you felt after watching this video cause I do not think I was the only one feeling this way after this.

xo, TheModMisfit.

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