Where To Shop Online During Boxing Day

The title might be a little misguiding knowing that it’s totally a sell out one with me telling you guys where to shop but really – it actually is.

Listen, I love shopping and doing so during a good discount but if there’s one thing I hate more than having to go shopping at a mall any day of the week well it’s boxing day, at the mall. I’ve done it a few times and every time it made me stressed, angry and it actually broke up one of my best friendships a few years ago (no worries, we’re good now).

Anyways, I really dislike Boxing Day, I find there’s way too many people at the mall on that day and for what? For maybe an additional 10% discount on that Gucci bag YOU KNOW you don’t even have the funds to buy it?

Let’s be real. In your 20s, unless you’re a celebrity or have a good budget, you don’t have money. What you have though, is stores that will meet you halfway your non-existential budget and will sell you cute things practically for free during that intense day.

Now, thanks to the internet – no need to get out of the house or rush to the mall after you’re done work! I’ve found some of my favourite websites to shop on especially during boxing day, so check it out below:


I mean, this one is a bit obvious. Amazon is the website that has everything for already a pretty decent price. From electronics, to books, to fashion items and more – you can get everything for half the price just for today! They have specials going on for only 16 hours left so I suggest that you guys get moving and click here to check their stuff out.

I have my eyes on… Tbh I don’t really have anything that I wanna buy on Amazon, but as I keep scrolling there’s a few Chromebooks that keeps popping up. I don’t need one but it doesn’t mean I can’t look at it.

Urban Planet

Ok, right off their homepage, this beautiful heavenly money savior store indicates that you can save up to 80% off TODAY because of their amazing deals.

Honestly, usually Urban Planet has some amazing deals all the time but that’s just ridiculously good! You can get basic tops and beanie as low as $6!

I have my eyes on… Obviously the beanie and surprisingly this pink alarm clock. I’ve been wanting one for a while now so I think I might get it.

Air Canada

I know, not what you would expect – and honestly, I probably won’t get a flight anywhere soon BUT Air Canada does have a 15% sale so it’s maybe worth checking it out?

I have my eyes on… Well, my next trip might be in Florida so we shall see! Or maybe somewhere else in the states.

E.L.F. Makeup

It’s not the best quality makeup, but it’s cheap and it’s actually not that bad! I enjoy this company and they give so much for so little. However, you must remember that their prices are US $ but still, it’s quite ridiculously cheap. Check it out here!

I have my eyes on… Their liquid eyeshadow! I have been hearing a lot of cool things about liquid eyeshadow and would definitely love to try


Alright, as a new apartment owner, I have been obsessed with Ikea for the past few months. Their end of the year sale is starting now and is up until January 6!

I have my eyes on… I haven’t shopped yet but I do know that I need a TV stand, so that will be my next Ikea purchase for sure!

So that’s about it, friends! These are the stores that I highly recommend that you check out online. If you have any other store suggestions, leave a link below. Also, if you do go to the stores today – good luck, friends! I believe in you!

xo, TheModMisfit.

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