Dear 2018

Dear 2018,

Thank you for the laughs, thank you for the surprises, thank you for the adventures and thank you for the amount of love you’ve poured onto me.

You’ve constantly threw rocks at me but only for me to catch them back. I feel stronger after everything that has been thrown my way.

Whether it’s been heartbreaks, family pains, hard times at work or most importantly self discovery, you’ve made me grown into a bigger person than I’ve ever been.

2018, you are not just a number. You are the people who I’ve met this year, you are the people who I’ve lost this year. You are the moments that made me happy and the ones that made me sad. You are the heartbreaks but also the loving times.

You brought me awareness when it comes to honesty, truth, relationships and much, much more. I cried a lot, smiled a lot, got hurt (literally) a lot..

Between falling on my face, slicing my thumb, getting hot oil splashed onto my face and hurting my knee – you gave me the bruises but also the scars so I don’t forget how intense this year was.

Physically and emotionally, you’ve really worked on me. I love you to infinity and hate you less than I’ve did through the year.

As in the words of Ariana Grande, thank u, next.

xo, TheModMisfit.


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