Why Sharing Your 2019 Resolutions Online Is A Good Thing

I was originally gonna start this blog post with saying why sharing your resolutions online is dumb – but then, I thought about it and realized that I was being unfair to people who were doing so.

You must be thinking – nah bro, you are totally right to think that these people are being obnoxiously (took me a good 20 seconds to know how to write this word btw) annoying with posting how perfect their life will become in 2019.

Well, by putting these resolutions online, have you ever thought that maybe they were not doing it for you to read it but for them to have some accountability with themselves?

Let me explain.

We make decisions everyday and we try to better ourselves whenever we can. Sometimes, we will think to ourselves “wow I wanna start waking up early” and then you put the clock at like 6 AM but you don’t do it and the only person that you deceive is yourself.

Now, if I were to put on my social media that I will start waking up earlier as part of my 2019 resolutions, I will have all the people following me to keep me accountable for what I’m doing.

TL;DR – if I don’t do it, I will be deceiving other people than myself. And that’s a shitty feeling. Or at least, I will feel like an idiot in front of these people who, tbh, probably forgot about the resolutions that I’ve put online.

Now, instead of letting that person fall into the trap of not following into their resolutions, let’s help one another. We all know that this person won’t really have any engagement from anyone about why/how/do you need help? Usually people will just ‘like it’. Well how instead of just liking it, we support it by keeping tabs with what that person said. And if they don’t do it, that’s fine – suggest to that person ways to do it and encourage them to do it. In return, they can support you with something you’ve been wanting to change within your behaviour.

What I’m trying to say is that by helping each other bettering ourselves, we all will be happier and feeling more connected to each other than ever.

Let’s make this our resolution for 2019 – connect with each other, support one another and grow together. 

xo, TheModMisfit.

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