Why You Should Watch Taylor Swift’s New Netflix Special (Even If You’re Not A Fan)

And guess what? I’ve become one of her fans now.

So you just read the title and you’re thinking – Nelly, what’s wrong with you? Taylor Swift is so fake and has zero talent.

Well, by saying that you are wrong.

Just a day ago I was just like you – and that’s if you’re not a Taylor Swift fan. But then Netflix happened and I swear, it has changed the way I see the singer forever.

When I saw that Netflix added her ‘Reputation Tour’ well I honestly didn’t think twice before watching it.

I knew what I was getting into, lots of her now popular songs (I actually used to be a fan of Country-style Taylor) but I needed some background music while working on something important (which I only wanna tell you guys once I will have some good news regarding it).

Anyways, I surprised myself by looking up a few times what was going on on my TV screen and from dancers to visual arts – the concert looked soooo legit!

I remember looking up on the screen at this exact moment when the snake came out and it looked so sick! I just kept on asking myself how much does this cost exactly and that’s when I realized that T. Swizzle really knows how to invest to entertain her guests!

Ok, fine – Taylor Swift isn’t the greatest live singer but the girl knows how to entertain and please her audience.

Also guess what – her music is actually quite catchy. I’ve been listening to ‘Don’t Blame Me’ all day (which I deeply apologize for doing so to my neighbours) and I just can’t stop. I feel everything that the song sends my way and even though I haven’t really loved anyone in forever, I feel this song 100%.

Actually, I’ve created an imaginary annoying boyfriend who’s love made me crazy! lol jk that’s all the guys I’ve had a crush on.

Anyways, I strongly suggest that you watch the tour this week on Netflix whether you have some free time or you just want some background noise.

DO IT! & please let me know how you liked it!

xo, TheModMisfit.

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