A 90s Movie Taught Me Something – What Is Fate, Exactly?

Known as something that is beyond someone’s control, fate is basically an event that we all describe as supernatural when we have no other words for it.

Ok, so let me bring you back to the moment I learned a little bit more about fate, which was literally 20 minutes ago. I was watching this 90s teenage romantic comedy, Can’t Hardly Wait which is about teenagers and how they have everything planned for their last party as high schoolers but fate gets in their way.

So anyways, it’s not really about the plot of the movie that I wanna write about but it’s about the content that was presented to me through the movie that I would like to explore.

Alright, the scene that enlightened me was when the main dude who’s name I think might be Preston??? Is talking with that Angel (a late night dancer dressed as an angel) after his plan to get together with his ‘soul mate’, Amanda, doesn’t go really well. Somehow, that dressed up woman gives our sweet little P. some really good advice:

“There is fate, but it only takes you so far, because once you’re there its up to you to make it happen.”

This honestly made me think about my own adventures in life when it comes to romance and other things. Fate is there and things happen for a reason that I believe is non-explainable, but it is up to us to really make some moments happen because it’s our actions that determine the rest of the parkour.

There’s countless of moments that happened in my life (right now I’m talking more about guys) that fate occurred and maybe I should’ve had trusted my guts a bit more and not be afraid to say how I felt to some guys just because of fear of rejection – but I didn’t. Sometimes the moments presented itself – and this was fate, I’m sure – but it was up to me to do something about it. Or maybe up to that person. But, right now – I’m talking about me, and the actions that I perhaps regrets not taking.

Of course, I cannot blame myself forever because these actions that I haven’t took are lessons that I value very much and they are the reason why I am who I am.

Fate isn’t something supernatural that we can’t explain – it’s just life. And sometimes, we can’t explain life – life is weird and life is random and that’s okay. As long as we give our lives our own twist of random and weird, we will be just fine.

xo, TheModMisfit.

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