Frozen 2: Facing Our Own Truth

If you came here expecting a movie review on Frozen 2, well I’m sorry to let you know but you definitely clicked on the wrong article. Hey, if you absolutely want a review then here it is: Frozen 2 was great, the music was fantastic and it was probably one of the best movies I’ve seen this year – ok, I might be exaggerating but hey, I am Moroccan so it’s in my DNA.

Anyways, as I said, I will not be reviewing the movie but as I do, I will be analyzing what I believe the theme of the movie was and go more in details with some moments that I felt very inspiring.

Alright, let’s get going!

In the first chapter of the movie series, we meet Elsa and Anna in the fantastic realm of Arendelle. Elsa has magical ice powers that she hides from the rest of her people meanwhile Anna is a very naive and hopeful romantic.

Elsa’s powers are eventually revealed to her people and she feels like she has to run away from everyone to be happy. Fast forward to the end of that first movie and she learns how to control her power and accepts who she is.

I know, this is a very fast and shitty recap of the original movie – but it’s really just because I cannot wait to write about the second one cause it’s so fresh in my mind.

So if Frozen talks about understanding and accepting who we are, Frozen 2 diverges into the reality of growing up, constantly diving deep to really master your truth even though it might scare you.

We are first greeted by the main characters – Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven – all singing  “Some things never change” and honestly throughout the song, you can feel that they are so scared of the idea of change. I think from the get go viewers definitely relate to the song and the way the characters are feeling. The idea of change is scary because most of us are (and I for starters) are scared of the unknown because we simply can’t control it.

One of the most obvious moment in the earlier stages of the movie that confirms that the characters aren’t ready for change is when Elsa hears that little voice and sings the movie’s power song “Into the Unknown”. She’s already had her adventure and sings that she is afraid of what she will be risking if she follows the voice calling her. She is so comfortable with who she is now and is content with what she has but the reality is that things constantly changes and staying simply content for your whole life is usually riskier than not listening to your inner voice challenging/demanding you for more growth.

This is the reality of growing up though. We’ve all had that moment when we realized we had to make certain life choices that we knew would have a big impact on us but unsure how. And you know what? We most likely will keep on having choices to make that will change the way things are. I totally know how scary it is to make a decision that might drastically change the way your life is going but there’s something that we seem to forget -we can always adapt to situations and if some decisions aren’t the right ones, then at least we will know, control how we feel about that decision and move on!

One of my favourite scene that really shows the idea that we can control the unknown, our fears and the decisions  we take is when Elsa has to pass this unstable lake because her truth is simply on the other side of the water. She constantly keeps getting washed over and has to start over. She fails so many times and yet never stops trying. Eventually, the water which is her enemy/the obstacle transforms into an angry and scary horse and they start fighting. The horse literally drowns her a few times but she keeps on fighting even though it’s hard and even when she thinks she’s close to her goals and her truth, the horse gets even stronger. Eventually she realizes that instead of fighting with the horse, with her weakness, she has to truly understand it and use it as her strength. She smiles at it and the scare vanishes. The horse was never her weakness or her opponent. Instead, the horse represented the fear she had and she simply had to face it in order to get closer to her goal of finding her true self.

During the first movie, Elsa discovers her powers and accepts herself for who she is – now she is ready to really dive deeper than she’s ever done before. So she accepted the idea of change, going after what scares you, mastering that fear and turning it into a strength. Now, we get to my favourite part.

This adventure took her to find a part of her truth – the voice that was calling her was connected to her childhood. In a way, this teaches us that to understand who we are we need to connect with our own truth from the beginning, even if it scares us.  We usually forget who we were once – we push away some of our characteristics to fit a certain way in society because we think our differences will make us stand out and annoy people yet it’s very far from the truth. In the first Frozen, Elsa already understood that she didn’t have to hide who she was anymore but in this second movie she finally lets go of it ALL because she had the support from her group.

When you find a circle of people who will support and love you no matter what, not only will it give you the motivation to find yourself truly but also it will make the changes and hard times go through easier.

Growing up is scary and so are the changes that will occur in your life, but it’s not a reason to not go through with it.  

Did you watch Frozen 2 yet? What did you think of it?

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