Dirty Rick’s David Koffman on Music, Mental Health and The LOST Show

In collaboration with The LOST (Living Outside of Suffering and Trauma) Organization, Dirty Rick’s front man, David Koffman, helped organizing a benefit concert where all the proceeds will be going towards the mental health focused organization.

In this interview, Koffman shares his first experience with the Hamilton based organization, the upcoming show and his own relationship with music and mental health.

The Mod Misfit: Can you please tell me about The LOST Organization?

David Koffman: The LOST Organization provides different resources easily accessible mostly for maintenance of mental health in Hamilton. They run exercise groups, such as yoga and stretching, all with the goal of maintenance of proper mental health and the connection of the body and mind. I knew about LOST for a while but started going back in September 2019 when I needed a new support system. Ever since then I’ve been going once a week to participate in the themed meetings.

TMM: Outside of these classes, can you volunteer with LOST?

Koffman: My first contribution would be The Lost Show. They’re having trouble with securing funding, so I thought that the best way that I could volunteer my time would be a fundraiser. You know, stick to your strengths. I’ve been doing shows in Hamilton for over a year which I am familiar with. I hope to make an impact on the community.

TMM: Hamilton does seem to have a very musically inclined community with a strong awareness around mental health.

Koffman: It’s definitely a community thing. We all deal with mental health one way or the other. Some of us have maybe a more profound journey in regards to mental health and struggle, but that doesn’t mean that the person beside you isn’t dealing in their own way. Maybe it’s different, maybe it’s somebody they know who’s struggling with depression, addiction or disorders. I think if we all unite under one theme, which is positive mental health community, and under music, it would have an impact.

TMM: Do you believe that music has an important impact on mental health?

Koffman: Music has profoundly affected my mental health over the years. The right piano chords or the right introduction to a song can help me refocus on a moment. I hope my music can have that effect on people. Whether it’s listening, creating a song or following along – there is no doubt in my mind that music is the ultimate healer. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the people who create some of the best music are the ones trying to heal themselves and others around them.

TMM: Do you have a top three songs that have a continuous impact on your mental health?

Koffman: “Hey Jude” by The Beatles, which is a song that Paul McCartney wrote to John Lennon’s son, Sean, when John and his first wife went through their divorce. This song always makes me feel better. The second one would be “Save yourself” by Kaleo, simply because I went through a lot of different emotional experiences with it. Finally, “You Know You’re Right” by Nirvana which is an angrier. I have two moods when listening to music – either something that is louder or something that is more chill and helps me relax.  

TMM: Do you find that going to the meetings at LOST has helped you with your writing process?

Koffman: Yes, they’re quite inspiring and help me organize my thoughts. My writing was definitely one of the things I was suffering a little while ago and even more recently – I guess a lack of creative spark. Sometimes I’ll go to the meetings and listen to what people have to say and I will become inspired to write something.

TMM: After the LOST show, do you have any other plans to collaborate with other organizations in the Hamilton community?

Koffman: I have a lot of ideas on how to help the community, there are so many different organizations in Hamilton that are community focused. One of the goals is hopefully to be more consistently involved with the LOST Foundation.

Make sure to catch Dirty Rick December 5 at The LOST Show with guest performances from Boxcar Ben and Tori Sutherland live from the Corktown Pub in Hamilton.

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