Harry Styles Creates an Island of Hope in ‘Adore You’ video

With only a few days away from the release of his second album Fine Line, Harry Styles dropped a new video for his latest single, ‘Adore You’.

The video was first announced a week ago through a simple trailer which later was revealed to be the beginning of the video.

In the video, a little boy’s voice tells us the story of Eroda, a fictional island created behind the minds of Styles and his creative team. Only a few minutes into the video, we understand quickly that Eroda is an island filled with legends with people who seem to eat so much fish that they end up having a ‘resting fish face’ – which basically means that  none of the islanders smile ever – until Styles’ character comes along.

He is seen as the outcast of the island not only because his smile is so noticeable since he’s the only one to smile but also whenever he does, a bright light shines through his mouth which blinds whoever is around him.

Because of this, no one wants to be around him until he meets this big-eyed cartoon-like fish who is also seen as an outcast as he is the only fish of his kind in the ocean.

Styles’ character starts taking care of the fish and grows a deep connection with it as they are both the outcasts of their own world. Together, they understand each other and support one another.

The fish eventually becomes too big for Styles to take care of and he needs to find a way to bring it back to the ocean where the fish belongs.  However, he struggles to do so and the islanders see that and decide to help him bring the fish back to the ocean. By doing so, it creates a sense of community on the island as they themselves start caring about something. In a way, they realize that they had a purpose in this boy’s life which obviously makes them happy and makes them smile. The boy’s unusual love for the fish was enough to inspire people and change their mindset.

Watch Harry Styles’ video for ‘Adore You’ below:

What does the fish represent?

I feel like many people see the fish as someone, or something at least, that completes Styles – which definitely makes sense because the narrator clearly says that “Without friendship, we are lost and left with no hope…”. So definitely, friendship is a big part of the meaning of the video but, what if the fish represented something much deeper than feeling like an outcast? What if the fish represented the light inside of us?

I believe the fish represents the passion that we often forget about when we grow up. Styles’ character had to put away his light to make other people feel comfortable around him. In a way, many of us do this to feel accepted by society – we are often told to not stand out too much because it will make us seen different and for some people, different isn’t good.

However, when Styles meets the fish, he can’t stop smiling – he falls back in love with who he used to be once. He nurtures this passion because it’s the only thing that gives him hope.

We don’t need someone to feel completed – and through this video, we understand that we just need to understand who we are and follow our truth. Loving someone and getting to know them is a gift, but falling in love with yourself and accepting who you are without the judgement of others should be a commitment and a priority to yourself. It’s self-respect.

When you are completely yourself, you might not realize but you inspire others to do the same. They will want to care about themselves on a deeper level than just doing what is “expected” of them.

The fish represents the love that we have for our passion and how it brings a growth in us. When Styles releases the fish into the ocean and starts sailing, it is a representation of how he controls his own path through his passion.

The 25 year-old singer is very smart and careful about the message he puts out through his art. It is pretty clear that the video is a comparison to Styles’ own experience with his passion and life in general.

Styles’ passion is music and he’s been pursuing it for a while. He was lucky enough to find success at a young age with One Direction which made him popular very fast all around the world. However, once the pop band broke up, Styles’ music genre changed drastically as he ventured into an early 70s-80s rock sound.  Since then, the singer has been remarkably more himself and has been trying different music styles, explored his fashion sense and really has been nothing but himself in the past few years.

During the last few years we have seen the young artist grow into his own self. He hasn’t tried to copy other artist’s sounds – he has his own voice and this voice is currently guiding him through his own career.

I’m personally looking forward to see Harry Styles evolution in the upcoming year and see him inspire many other people to be themselves. I know that he inspires me to be myself more and celebrate who I am and what I love more than I already do – so who knows, he might do the same for you!

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