Top Moments from Clueless where Cher Horowitz was all of us (but mostly me)

It’s no secret, I’m obsessed with the character Cher Horowitz from Clueless. I don’t know for some of you, but I can totally relate to the Beverly Hills princess. I mean, okay, I don’t live in a mansion and I don’t have a computer showing me my closet’s items. No. But I do relate to her growth as a person, her obsession with wanting to help people and I do also use her iconic “as if!” Of course, there’s other moments when Cher is just a normal young teenager/young woman and luckily, I have all the important moments figured out for all of us (I mean, mostly me).

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Understanding the ‘Inclusion Rider’

‘Inclusion Rider’ were the last two words that Oscar Winning Actress, Frances McDormand, gave last Sunday night at the end of her acceptance speech.

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