Dirty Rick’s David Koffman on Music, Mental Health and The LOST Show

In collaboration with The LOST (Living Outside of Suffering and Trauma) Organization, Dirty Rick’s front man, David Koffman, helped organizing a benefit concert where all the proceeds will be going towards the mental health focused organization.

In this interview, Koffman shares his first experience with the Hamilton based organization, the upcoming show and his own relationship with music and mental health.

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Dirty Rick releases first EP ‘Post-Candid’

After almost a year of performing live covers in small venues across downtown Toronto, local band Dirty Rick announced the release of their first EP Post Candid a week ago.

The band consists of Allan Cocunato, Chris Barrett, Christoph Neuland and frontman David Koffman.

The EP is a hard rocking album led by the very energetic “Oh No (Yeah)” and a more bluesy “Haunt”.  Koffman opened up about the genres that influenced the four pieces. “Blues is king. It takes music to its roots, and gives us a common skeleton by which we then throw on our other personal flavours, such as punk/hard rock and psychedelic.”

The announcement of their EP was made through a Facebook post along with a link to their release party happening tonight.

“People can expect to dance the whole show,” he said. “We bring lots of energy and love to connect with the crowd, especially now since people have started to learn our lyrics and sing along.”

The party starts at 9 pm at the Hard Luck Bar in Toronto. If you wanna get more familiar with the band, listen to Post Candid on Spotify!

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