The Best Wednesday Addams Quotes

What a better way to spend your Wednesday morning with some famous ‘Wednesday Addams’ quotes. Over the years, some moments from the fictional daughter of the Addams family have become weirdly relatable to our generation. Also, she is basically the Queen of Halloween and everything dark so what how else can you celebrate the fact that the 31st of October is coming up fast other than with some quotes and pictures from our fave dark princess?

1.  “Where is your costume?”


We are starting strong with this one – I mean, homicidal maniac do you look like everyone else so she isn’t wrong when she says that! Clever little girl.

2. Playing some fun games with her little bro, how sweet!


In case you don’t remember, in that scene she’s trying to electrocute her little brother Pugsley. When he asks what kind of game are they playing, she simply answers “Is there a God” and honestly, sounds like a pretty valid game for people trying to figure out whether or not God exists.

3.  Saying what’s on every emo’s mind.


Kidding, she’s basically saying what’s on my mind every Mondays. Which got me wondering, why is her name Wednesday when really the most horrific day of the week is Monday?

4. She’s got other stuff on her mind..


Well maybe this one is not as relatable, but it definitely makes her stand out of her crowd which is something remarkable to look up to!

5. Aww what a sweety!


I strongly believe that this is what we are all looking for.  Don’t we? She’s just giving some dating advice to Lurch, her butler – she’s so caring!

What’s your favourite Wednesday Addams moment? Leave a comment below!

xo, TheModMisfit